Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy World Consumer Rights Day!

From mystery shopping in Serbia to crossword puzzle competitions in Singapore, the global consumer movement is has united again for a day of action on 15 March 2010, World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD). CI member organisations around the world have planned a variety of activities around this year's theme: 'Our money, our rights!'

Access to stable, secure and fair financial services is important for consumers everywhere. Yet as research undertaken by Consumers International (CI) in preparation for today has shown, consumers around the world remain poorly served by this under-performing sector. Download CI's briefings on Asia and Africa for a closer look at the state of financial services sector in these regions.

Consumer organisations perform vital work on financial services, whether protecting consumers from unfair contracts and abusive charges, or helping to secure basic access for the many who currently go without. To find out more read CI's Our money, our rights: how the global consumer movement is fighting for fair financial services.

News is streaming in from around the world about the exciting events and activities that have been taking place around WCRD 2010. Watch this space for more information on how CI members are highlighting 'Our money, our rights!'

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